Descendants of

William Early “Buck” Sawyer and Sarah Woolley Sawyer

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William Early Sawyer and his wife, Sarah Woolley Sawyer were born and married in South Carolina. Their first four children, Irene (Reeny), Reason Berry, Louisa Elizabeth and Nancy Ann, were born in South Carolina. William Early was a farmer, and in the early 1820’s he purchased land in Talledega County, Alabama, where he moved with Sarah and their children. Nine more children were born in Alabama: Henry Isaac, Mary A., Mack, Elwin, John W., Holman, Martha, Darthula (Elnora), Andrew and Sarah.

Shortly before 1850 William E., Sarah and six of their children migrated to Ashley County, Arkansas. The 1850 census of Ashley County lists William E. at the age of 54 and Sarah at 52 years along with John W., 17, Holman, 16, Martha, 14, Darthula, 12, Andrew, 10 and Sarah R., 7. They settled south of Hamburg in the Extra Township near the town of Berlin where William Early purchased land and farmed.

Sometime between 1850 and 1860 some of the Sawyer offspring who had remained behind in Alabama moved to Ashley County to be near their parents and to enjoy the prosperity the land had to offer. The 1860 census of Ashley County listed Reason B. Sawyer,41, living in Extra Township engaged in farming, and his wife Olive, 40, with their eight children. This census also listed Mack E.,29, who lived in Berlin, and his wife Martha Helen Kinnaird, 19, with their first child Sallie A., born in 1859. Holman Sawyer, 25, was listed with his wife Martha J., 30, who was born in Mississippi. John W. Sawyer, 27, also lived in Berlin where he was engaged in farming, with his wife Mary E., 21, who was born in Louisiana, and their child Mary, six months. Henry I. Sawyer served as Sheriff of Shelby County, Alabama from 1857 to 1860. In early 1861 at the age of 35 with his wife Mary Rushing, 27, and six of their children, Henry moved to the Berlin area in Ashley County where he purchased land and returned to farming.

William Early Sawyer was born about 1796 in Old Ninety-Six District, South Carolina, and died December 10, 1861 in Hamburg, Ashley Co. Arkansas. William Early was the son of George Sawyer and Elizabeth Bird, and the grandson of John Sawyer and probably Priscilla Keel. The parentage of John Sawyer is still uncertain. George’s siblings were Elkanah Sawyer, b. about 1753, George Sawyer, b. about 1755, Sevility Sawyer (Brooks), b. about 1758, Ancelm Sawyer, b. about 1762, John Sawyer, b. about 1771, Lewis Sawyer, b. about 1773, Sarah Sawyer, b. about 1774, Cader Sawyer, b. about 1777 and Debony Sawyer, b. about 1780. It is believed that Priscilla was the daughter of Samuel Keel and Sarah Johnston, b. about 1718, of Onslow County, North Carolina. Samuel died about 1742, leaving Sarah with three young orphan daughters, Mary, Ann and Priscilla. About 1743 Sarah married Lewis Powell, who assumed guardianship of the orphans, Mary, Ann and Priscilla. Sarah Johnston Keel Powell’s parents were Thomas Johnston, born about 1670, died about 1753, and Ann Bayes, born about 1690. Sarah’s siblings were Thomas Johnston, b. about 1720, Benjamin Johnston, b. about 1722, John Johnston, b. about 1724, and Ann Johnston Whitfield, b. about 1726.

Sarah Woolley, the daughter of Reason Woolley and Elizabeth Bates, was born about 1798 in South Carolina and died after 1860 in Hamburg, Ashley Co., Arkansas. Sarah and William Early are buried in Extra Cemetery, Ashley Co., Arkansas. They were married about 1814 in South Carolina, where their first four children were born: Irene in 1815, Reason Berry in 1818, Louisa Elizabeth in 1822 and Nancy Ann in 1824. By 1825 William Early and Sarah had moved to Alabama, where another 9 children were born: Henry Isaac in 1826, Mary Ann in 1828, Mack Elwin in 1830, John W. in 1833, Holman H. in 1834, Martha in 1836, Elnora (Darthula) in 1838, Andrew in 1840 and Sarah R. in 1843. Sometime between 1844 and 1850 William Early, with Sarah and six of their children, John, Holman, Martha, Darthula, Andrew and Sarah, migrated from Alabama to Ashley County, Arkansas. They settled south of Hamburg near the town of Berlin where they purchased land and farmed. By 1860, Reason Berry, Henry Isaac, Mary Ann and Mack, along with their respective families, had also relocated from Alabama to Ashley County. Irene remained in Alabama, Louisa with her family migrated to Texas, Nancy went to Mississippi and Darthula hasn’t been located.

Irene Sawyer, born in South Carolina in 1815, with the consent of her father, William E. Sawyer, married Emanuel Ward on May 22, 1831 in Alabama. Emanuel was born about 1802 in North Carolina. Their known children were Elizabeth, b. 1832, Louisa, b. 1834, Emeline, b. 1836, William E., b. 1838, Henry, b. 1840, John, b. 1843, James J., b. 1845 and Martha A., b. 1832.

Reason Berry Sawyer, born in South Carolina in 1818, married Olive Reid on May 1, 1838 in Bibb Co., Alabama. Olive was born about 1820 in Alabama. Her parents were James Reid, b. Georgia, 1794, d. 1853, Bibb Co., near Old Maplesville, m. 1818 in Georgia to Elizabeth Goodwin Hill, b. 1794, North Carolina, died about 1856. Reason and Olive’s children were Martha J., b. 1839, Daniel H., b. 1841, William E., b. 1843, Waymond Knox Polk, b. 1845, George Washington, b. 1847, John Morgan, b. 1848, Darthula, b. 1850, and Sarah, b. 1854.

Louisa Sawyer was born in 1822 in South Carolina. On December 24, 1836 in Talladega Co., Alabama, she first married John Brown Hinkle, born in 1812 in Anderson Co., Tennessee. William E. Sawyer gave authorization for John Hinkle to have license to marry with Louisa Sawyer, his 14-year old daughter. John Hinkle died in 1865 in Cahaba, Dallas Co., Alabama and Louisa and her family moved to Texas. Louisa second married Elijah Shearer in 1870 in Red River County, Texas. Louisa died in 1872 in Springtown, Parker Co., Texas and is buried in Nelson Cemetery, Wise Co., Texas. Louisa and John Hinkle’s children were: Sarah F., b. 1838, m. Robert Jemison in 1855 in Talladega Co., Alabama; William H., b. 1840 and died 1843 in Talledega Co., Alabama; Parilee A., b.1842 in Alabama, m. William A. Neighbors in 1857 in Calhoun Co., Alabama; Elizabeth E., b. 1844 in Talladega Co., Alabama, m. Joseph Tanna in 1867 in Red River County, Texas; John Brown, Jr., b. 1846 in Talladega Co., Alabama, first m. S.A. Wright in 1871 in Red River County, Texas, second m. Mary E. Bailey in 1874 in Red River County, Texas.; Mary A. V., b. 1848 in Talladega, Alabama and died March 30, 1914, first m. Armsted E. DeShazo in 1868 in Red River Co., Texas, second m. William Wiley about 1876; Christopher Columbus, b. May 1851 in Alabama, m. Lucy Burns in 1889 in Wise Co., Texas; Samuel Dixon, b.1852 in Alabama and died December 5, 1928 in Boyd, Wise Co.,Texas; George P., b.1855 in Alabama and died April 21, 1929 in Springtown, Texas; and Cora Ella, b. 1864 in Dallas Co., Alabama and died July 28, 1938 in Springcreek, Oklahoma, first m. Andrew J. Tyler in 1880 in Decatur, Wise Co.,Texas, second m. John M. Suddeth in 1884 in Wise Co., Texas, third m. James Thomas Dearman in 1891 in Taylor Co., Texas.

Nancy Ann Sawyer was born in 1824 in South Carolina. In 1841 in Talladega Co, Alabama, she married Jackson Martin, b. 1814 in South Carolina. They both died in Popular Creek, Montgomery Co., Mississippi, Nancy in 1886 and Jackson in 1890. Their children were: William Luther, b. 1843, m. Clementine Winfrey about 1867; Emily Beatrice,b. 1844, d. 1844 in Alabama; James A., b. 1845 in Alabama; Eugene Holmes, b. 1846, d. 1846; Alice, b. 1847, d. 1847; Andrew Jackson, b. 1854 in Mississippi; Lily, b. 1857 in Mississippi; Beulah, b. 1859 in Mississippi; and Ida, b. 1866 in Mississippi.

Henry Isaac Sawyer was born April 27, 1826 in Bibb Co., Alabama and died February 14, 1882 in Ashley Co., Arkansas. He married Mary Ann Rushing January 6, 1849, daughter of Bryant Rushing and Elizabeth Gay. Mary was born September 20, 1833 in Alabama and died January 30, 1892 in Ashley Co., Arkansas. They are both buried in Extra Cemetery, Ashley Co., Arkansas. Their children were: Robert Rushing, b. 1849 in Shelby Co., Alabama, d. 1899, buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery, Ashley Co., Arkansas, first m. 1879 in Ashley County, Arkansas, Katie Amanda Williams, b. May 5, 1858 in Morehouse Parish, Louisiana, d. October 25, 1887, burial in Mt. Zion Cemetery, daughter of John Williams and Ann Jones, second m. 1889 in Louisiana Etta Mae Hersey, b. July 18, 1870 in Bonita, Louisiana, d. July 3, 1912, burial in Sawyer Family Cemetery, McGinty, Morehouse Parish, Louisiana; W. A. (Jack),b. 1852; William A. "Jack", b. February 9, 1852, d. between 1900-1908 in Texas, m. Marie (Unknown) about 1882; Augustus Walter, b. 1854 in Alabama, d. 1917, m. Ella Fullington in 1884, both buried in Extra Cemetery; Rush Elmore, b. 1856 in Alabama, d. 1940, m. Lucy A. Smith in 1886, both buried in Extra Cemetery; Alabama L., b. 1858 in Columbiana, Alabama, d. 1933, m. William Spencer Allen in 1880, both buried in Hamburg Cemetery, Ashley Co., Arkansas; Henry Isaac, b. 1860 in Shelby Co., Alabama, d. 1946, burial in Christ Church Cemetery, Bastrop, Morehouse Parish, Louisiana, m. Elizabeth Westbrook in 1886 in Louisiana; Bettie (Elizabeth), b. 1861 in Arkansas, d. 1906, m. Stephen Dickerson McLeod in 1885, both buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery, Ashley Co., Arkansas; Lucian Eugene, b. 1863 in Arkansas, d. 1911, burial at Extra Cemetery, first m. 1884 Dora A. McLeod, daughter of Stephen McLeod and Dora Norell, b. 1867, d. 1885, burial in Mt. Zion Cemetery, second m. 1884 Lemmie Vinson, b. 1866, d. 1928; Lena, b. 1865 in Arkansas, m. G. Bold Segars; Zelia H., b. 1867 in Arkansas, d. 1943, m. 1889 Eugene Vastine Moorer, son of David Moorer and Melissa Yeldell, b. 1864 in Alabama, d. 1956, both buried in Extra Cemetery; Thomas Clinton, b. 1869 in Arkansas, d. 1933, burial in Mt. Zion Cemetery; Steve Oren, b. 1871 in Ashley Co., d. 1958 in Louisiana, m. 1896 Neta Mae Bailiff, daughter of William Bailiff and Sarah Waters, b. 1879 Ashley Co., d. 1959 at Bastrop, La., both buried in Extra Cemetery, Ashley Co., Arkansas.

Mary A. Sawyer was born in 1828 in Alabama and died in 1863 in Arkansas or Texas. She married Richard J. Bird about 1845. Richard was born in 1820 in Bibb Co., Alabama, died November 3, 1890 and is buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery, Ashley Co., Arkansas. Their children were: John H., b. 1846 in Alabama; William A., b. 1855 in Arkansas; Martha, b. 1862 in Arkansas; and Robert, b. 1863 in Arkansas.

Mack Elwin Sawyer was born in 1830 in Alabama and died in 1896 in Hamburg, Arkansas. His first marriage was in 1858 to Martha Helen Kinnaird. Martha was born in 1841 and died in 1884 in Hamburg. They are both buried in Hamburg Cemetery. Their children all born in Ashley Co., Arkansas were: Sallie A., b. 1859; William Lester, b. 1862; Mary Ella, b. 1864; Mack E., b. 1867, d. 1947; Martha D., b. 1869; Nannie May, b. 1871; Jeff White, b. 1874, d. 1958; Neppie, b. 1876; John Hunter, b. 1978, d. 1974; Robert, b. 1881. Mack’s second marriage was in 1885 to Willie McCoin who died in 1891 in Hamburg. Their children were: Jonnie Roy, b. 1886 and Willie Newton, b. 1889.

John W. Sawyer, b. 1833 in Alabama, m. Mary E. Love, August 8, 1853, Ashley Co., child Mary born in 1860.

Holman H. Sawyer was born in 1834 in Alabama and died in 1893 in Bailey, Texas. In 1859 in Ashley Co., Arkansas he married Martha Jane Harrison. She was born in 1839 in Wilcox Co., Alabama, and died in 1924 in Bonham, Texas. Their children were: Ida Ophelia, b. 1861 in Arkansas, d. 1945 in Bonham, Texas, first m. 1872 James Wilson, second m. 1878 James McCarty, third m. 1903 ThomasT. Traylor; Leola, b. 1865 in Arkansas, d. after 1930, first m. 1881 Bascum Scruggs, second m. 1894 Samuel Allison Leslie; Willie, b. 1867, d. 1870; Robert Henry, b. 1869 in Texas, d. 1880 in Texas; Mattie Jane, b. 1871 in Bonham, Texas, d. 1935 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, first m. 1886 James Willis Whitford, second m. 1905 Daniel Augusta Young in Paris, Texas; Hoke Holman, b. 1872 in Bonham, Texas, d. after 1930 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, m. 1897 Emily D. Griesenbeck, b. 1871 in Texas; Katherine, b. 1875 in Fannin County, Texas, d. 1959 in Paris, Texas, first m. 1891 Charles Asbury Minton in Paris, Texas, second m. 1921 Frederick Herman GustovIhlefeldt, Ruth, b. 1879 in Texas, d. 1899, m. 1896 Sidney S. Miller in Lamar County, Texas.

Martha Sawyer, b. 1839 in Alabama, m. James W. P. Johnson July 3, 1851 in Ashley County.

Darthula (Elnora) Sawyer, b. 1838 in Alabama.

Andrew Sawyer, b. 1840 in Alabama, d. Abt. 1860, buried in Extra Cemetery, Ashley Co., Ar.

Sarah R. Sawyer, b. 1843 in Alabama – Seeking additional information.

Note: This information has been researched and documented, but is always subject to revision based upon additional documentation, research and input from family members. As all family researchers know, we will never see the finish of a family tree as it forever seems to grow from roots that started so long ago. If you have Sawyer family history to share or would like additional information, please contact Robert R. Sawyer (William Early’s ggg-grandson) Information on future Sawyer reunions can be found on our Reunions page.